The Backbone of Seamless
Business Operations

The Backbone of Seamless
Business Operations

One platform. Unlimited solutions.

Where Adaptability Meets Versatility

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, agility is paramount. Protokol stands as a testament to adaptability, offering a comprehensive low-code platform designed to flexibly accommodate your business needs as they evolve.

Adaptability on the Fly

Protokol is your dynamic partner, ready to adjust in real-time. Seamlessly integrate new functionalities, modify workflows, and expand capabilities effortlessly. As your business evolves, Protokol swiftly adapts, ensuring that your operations remain streamlined and efficient.

Versatile Solutions Tailored to You

Discover a world of possibilities within Protokol’s versatile ecosystem. From centralizing data to automating complex operations, our platform offers modular tools that adapt to your unique requirements. Custom-fit solutions are seamlessly woven into your existing processes, providing the flexibility to scale and innovate without constraints.

Effortless Integration

Protokol’s adaptability extends beyond its core functionalities. Effortlessly integrate external services and tools, allowing for a cohesive environment that works harmoniously with your existing systems. With Protokol, integration becomes a simple and agile process, ensuring a smooth flow of operations.

Empower Your Business Today

Experience the power of a platform that evolves with you. Protokol’s adaptability ensures that your business stays ahead, transforming challenges into opportunities and empowering you to innovate and grow without limitations.


Join us at Protokol and discover the limitless potential of adaptability and versatility. Your business evolution starts here.


single source of truth
for business data
aggregation and orchestration
through public REST API


streamline operational processes
with workflow automation builder
for business process automation


adapt packaged business
capabilities, components
and microservices
to operation applications

composable architecture

A composable architecture platform is a flexible and modular framework

that enables developers to build and scale applications by composing independent, reusable components.


It is a modular unit that performs a specific function and can be combined with other components to create a more complex system. They are used to store the data and provide data to other tools on the platform.


Out of the box on demand integrations for most popular services outside and inside Protokol ecosystem.


Business process workflow automation refers to the use of technology and software to automate and streamline repetitive and manual tasks within a business process. It involves the design, implementation, and execution of automated workflows to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance productivity

Custom apps

Harness our cutting-edge framework to develop tailor-made, on-demand internal or public applications that elevate the capabilities of your business ecosystem.

an ecosystem of packaged business capabilities. 

adaptable as your needs evolve

choose your tools.
integrate all services.
automate your workflow.


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